Obtain a tag to play at the Fonde Center
  • Print and sign a WAIVER FORM and submit to any HBC club officer. Please, print your email legibly so that we may send you updates.
  • Send a passport SIZE picture (not the actual picture of your passport)of your self with your full name in the email to? secretary@houstonbadmintonclub.org
  • Obtain your court tag from a club officer once you have turned in your Waiver form and paid the onetime administration fee ($10.00)
  • HBC will issue the tag within 2 weeks from submission of picture and waiver form.
  • Replacement tags are charged $10. HBC cannot be held responsible for the loss of any tags.
  • Friday night at the Fonde Center is a good time to meet a club officer or pickup a tag.

Houston Badminton Club Fonde Center Rules

  • In order to play, a player must have a Fonde picture tag.
  • A player cannot play on a court while your tag is pending on another court (and the player has to be present at the court to put up their tag). When it is your turn to play, please put your cards down (before you start your game) on the floor so the next people in the line can move up. One cannot move another person's card without their consent.
  • Warm-up is limited to 3 minutes (may be extended only if there are no players waiting for the court)
  • The game format is doubles matches only, and matches are limited to 2 sets, with the  exception  of the  CHALLENGE  courts 1,2, and 4.
  • If a member is considered not to be following the club rules, then HBC staff will arbitrate in order to determine the corrective course of action.
  • Court access is given based on the rule,  first-come first-serve , and gets the highest priority. Example: Two players are first to hang their tags on the court. A four-player group then comes along who want to play together. There are two other players in line after that. In this case the second pair should join the first pair to play ahead of the 4 player group. Challenge Courts (Court # 1, 2 &, 4)
    If you lose a game, you will need to go to the bottom of the queue to play again. If you keep winning, you play 3 game maximum and have to come out of the queue.

    Youth's (<18 yrs) court (Court # 3)

  • Court 3 is reserved for youths. Parents or accompanying adults can play only if there are less than 4 youths. Maximum of 15 minutes play when others are waiting. Only when there are no youths around to use the court, then adults are permitted to play on these courts.  If youths are present(around), adults MUST VACATE the court promptly. There is NO games allowed for adults to play when using this court. Adults can only use this court as a warm up court while waiting for their game ONLY WHEN THERE IS IN NO YOUTHS!

    Sunday Only:

  •   HBC run a YOUTH enhancement program to give the chance for all JUNIORS to play and improve their game. 4 courts (courts 2,3,6, and 7) are reserved specifically for JUNIORS, while the rest are accessible for adults to use. When there are not enough juniors, adult are welcome to play on any court not being used by the juniors. When there are juniors approaching the court, please stop your game promptly and allow the juniors to use the court.

  •   Parents can accompany their kids to play and may use the court for a maximum of 10 minutes (when not playing any match/training) during busy periods to let other juniors use the court as well.

  •   All other rules remain the same with Friday.

    General Rules:

    •  Proper attire and NO BLACK marking shoes.

    •  Everyone must help in putting away the court equipment at closing time.

    •  For the safety of our children, please supervise them at all times.

    •  For your own safety, please DO NOT walk onto court boundaries when matches are in play

    •  No profanity


    Obtain your court tag from any club officer once you have turned in your Waiver form and paid the one time tag fee ($10.00)

    Player has to bring their own equipment such as birdies and racquets.

    In case of dispute, please refer the rules above!

    Any questions or suggestions please contact HBC Officer: houstonbadmintonclub@gmail.com

Fonde Recreation Center - 110 Sabine St Houston, TX 77007-8323
It is easy to miss the road exits going to the Fonde Center. From all directions it is several miles before you can get turned around. The written direction are to assist you.

Fonde Driving Directions

Via I-10
(surest way from all directions, open during event closures ) (Sawyer overpass)

From I-10 West eastbound take the Studemount (Studewood) exit. From I-10 East westbound take Heights Blvd exit and use the turn around to head east to Studemount. Turn right (south) at the light on to Studemount and drive to Washington street. Turn left on to Washington at the light and drive to Sawyer. Turn right at Sawyer and follow the road curving left onto the overpass taking you over Memorial and onto the eastbound Memorial feeder just short of Sabine and the Fonde Recreation Center. Turn right on Sabine and then immediately left into the parking lot.

Eastbound on Memorial

Driving eastbound on Memorial from the 610 West Loop, You will pass the Shephard exit, the Waugh exit and pass under Studemount. Get in the right hand lane.You take the last exit before getting to downtown. You are very close when you go under an overpass (slow down!). Look for the Jamail Skatepark sign and take that exit. Drive along the feeder a short ways until you come to Sabine. Turn right on Sabine and then immediately left into the parking lot.

If you pass Sabine turn into next parking lot. Drive back to the Fonde center through the parking lot.

If you find yourself at the Houston Ave intersection you have gone too far. Turn left at the Houston Ave intersection and drive to Washington street . Turn Left at Washington street and drive to Sawyer. Turn left at Sawyer and follow the road curving left onto the overpass taking you over Memorial and onto the eastbound Memorial feeder just short of Sabine and the Fonde Recreation Center. Turn right on Sabine and then immediately left into the parking lot.

Westbound on Memorial from downtown

(If you miss the exit while driving eastbound on Memorial, turn around somewhere, and try these directions.) As you exit downtown, travelling west, do not enter the on-ramp to Memorial. Stay on the Memorial westbound "feeder". Drive west until you are forced to turn right (north). You turn right and go to the first stop sign, where you take a left. Continue on and you will come upon Sawyer, and take a left. You will straight away be on an overpass rising up and curving left which will take you over and across Memorial and onto the eastbound feeder just short of Sabine and the Fonde Recreation Center. Turn right on Sabine and then immediately left into the parking lot.

Alternately, if you did get on Memorial, you can exit Sawyer, make a U-turn when you are able, and cross over Memorial. Continue as per directions in the above paragraph.

From downtown heading out Westbound - out on Walker

If you are downtown, head west to Walker and take a left. Walker will split left/right. Left goes to Allen Parkway, whereas right stays as Walker. Stay to the right on Walker. Immediately after passing underneath the I-45 freeway overhead, you can take a right onto Sabine and you will cross the bridge over Buffalo Bayou (northward). The recreation center will be on your right, and you can take a right into the parking lot. (From downtown, finding Lamar, which turns into Allen Parkway, and heading out on it will not get you there. You cannot turn onto Sabine from Allen Parkway.)

Allen Parkway exit from northbound I-45

Driving from the south or southeast, you will drive through downtown on the I-45 Pierce Elevated. Stay in the left lane and exit Allen Parkway. It will curve down to the left. This part is very tricky and a bit treacherous. There is traffic merging into your exit ramp from downtown, on your right. And you must take a right onto Sabine almost immediately at the point the traffic merges. It is very tough to see the traffic coming and you have to slow down, look very carefully, wait if someone is coming because they are usually zooming, and then when it is clear you make a dash for it and turn right. The bad part is that if you miss this right turn, you will have a very tough time getting to where you want to go. This can be tougher than missing the last exit from Memorial. After getting onto Sabine, you will cross the bridge over Buffalo Bayou and the recreation center will be on your right, you take a right into the parking lot.

  1. Fonde Recreation Center (8 courts)
    • 110 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007-8323
    • Play hours: Monday 6-8:45PM
    • $20 one time membership fee

  2. Houston Badminton Center (12 courts)

  3. Chinese Community Center (4 courts)
    • 9800 Town Park, Houston, TX 77036
    • Play hours: Tue & Thu 5:30-9PM
    • $7 per admission

  4. Chancellors Family Center (4 courts)
    • 6535 Dumfries Drive, Houston, TX 77096-3632
    • Play hours: Thu 7-10PM, Sat 1:15-6PM
    • $15 drop-in, individual membership is available
    • http://www.chancellors.org

  5. Franz Elementary School
    • 2751 N Westgreen Blvd Katy, TX 77449-5088
    • Play hours: Mon 6-8PM, Wed 5:30-8:30PM
    • $7 per session or $75 for semester (following KISD school schedule)

  6. Baylor College of Medicine Badminton Club
    • Baylor Wellness Center: TMC Garage 6, 8th floor 1300 Moursund St. Houston, TX, 77030
    • Play hours: Wed 5:30-9PM, Sat 2:30-6PM, Sun 2:30-6PM
    • http://bcm.edu/badmintonclub

  7. Rice University

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